"Living in Nuclear Free (Almost) World"

Experience is one of the most powerful elements of our learning and growth. In class we have debated, simulated, and discussed a variety of International Relations issues and cases from English reactions to the rule of the Belgian Congo to proposals for solving the current Darfur crisis and how to effectively partition Palestine.

Another aspect of experience is to interact with the decision-makers themselves. Dr. John E. Endicott's visit to our school offered us this type of opportunity. Endicott has served in a variety of positions that have put him at the center of nuclear incidents; from his experience during the Cuba Missile Crisis to his involvement with providing intelligence and analysis during the days following the Pueblo Incident. His current interests include the creation of a nuclear free zone in Asia and the North Pacific, a zone that would include North and South Korea, and parts of China, the USSR and the USA. It was a privilege to host him as a guest speaker and to answer questions from our students. Endicott is currently President of Woosong University in Daejon.